Red, White, and Yummy

So, in spirit of the upcoming 4th of July holiday I decided to go with the yummy side of my brain today. Living in Arizona, I know exactly what summer means. It means getting out of the shower, walking out the door, and sweating like there’s no tomorrow. What’s the point of showering?! Cause I like to smell good, even if there’s sweat on parts of my body. But enough rattling about how hot it is in hell and time to enjoy some cool, refreshing treat ideas!

Buzzed Strawberry Bites

SO this is a treat that can be liquored up for us adults on 4th of July or liquored down for the kiddos. It’s a super easy treat that’s a little time consuming if you want them to look perfect. You can also switch out the strawberries for cherries too, whatever floats your boat!

What you’ll need:

1 lb. strawberries
2 cups rum (optional. preferably a light rum)
1/2 cup of blue sprinkles in a small bowl
1 cup melted white chocolate chips

This is a pretty simple recipe and can be made with the help of the kiddos, too! win-win! What you’ll need to do if you want to use the adult-friendly version is soak your choice of fruit in your choice of liquor for about 3 hours in the fridge. Then take it out, dry them off with a paper towel and go to town on the fun stuff! The rest of the recipe is the same for both versions. First, you’ll melt the white chocolate in a bowl and dip your fruit into it. Enough to coat most of the strawberry (or cherry) but leaving some red at the top. Then, you’ll move to your little bowl of blue sprinkles while the chocolate is still fresh so the sprinkles can stick. Coat the bottom half of the strawberry in the sprinkles, but leave enough room for the white chocolate to show and ta-da! Leave them in the fridge for about 40 minutes to harden and you’re ready to go!

Firework Fruit Kabobs

Thiskabob one is sooooo easy. I’m sticking with fruit cause, hey, it’s summer.Nothing beats a good piece of cold fruit on a hot day. So for this one all you really need is a seedless watermelon, some nice blueberries, and some wooden skewers (or any kind really). You’ll also need a star cookie cutter which you can buy here. Basically, all you do is slice the watermelon into about 1.5 inch slices and stamp out your star shaped watermelon. Then, you stick it on the top of your skewer and line some blueberries down the rest of the stick until there’s just enough room for people to comfortably hold it. You’re done. Congratulations on the easiest thing you’ll do all day!

Now that you have the idea of what a Fourth of July treat can be and/or look like, give these a try too! You can almost make any dessert and use red, white, and blue frosting or food coloring to add a little spark to the table…see what I did there? Spark…Fireworks…4th of July..? Anyway, have fun and be careful. Don’t forget to teach your kids to “ooh” and “ahh” after every firework. Lets bring a little of the good days back this year!


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