Goodbye Summer 2016.

Well I started this blog a few months ago in hopes to add something to my life. It started out a fun thing I did when I had time to do it. Until I figured out I was routinely posting things. Some people liked it, other people read the first couple, and others didn’t even know that I blogged. So, for those of you who are returning, thank you. Thank you for coming back after so long gone. For those of you who read some things and not others, not every post can be a winner….right?? And finally, for those who are reading for the first time. Get ready. I’m not even entirely sure about what this blog is anymore. But whatever it will be, it will be me. Utterly, shamelessly, and completely me. I solemnly swear, that from this moment forward, this blog has no shame, no lies, and no limits. cdeadfcbfe11dba14abf48426f6293a5 Except fun. I’ll continue to write and blog; share my stories; and be annoyingly awesome until it is no longer fun. Once it feels like work and the fun has floated away, I’ll no longer blog. Full disclosure.


So, where have I been lately? Hmmm. Many places, honestly. Many things have changed in the last few months. I went from having my own house with a guy and little boy I gave my whole heart to, to moving back home with the padres and mending half of it. The other half is in the process of being put back together. You never really realize how fast time pasts until you’re looking back on what used to be. Not to say that where I was is better than where I am now, but mentally I am in a much more stable spot. I’ve had a few really good nights, and a few really bad. But the good thing about focusing on yourself is you let more good in than bad. And God only knows that I can use a bit of good in my life.  000_0395

To the question some of you have been asking… what have I been doing? I got surprisingly drunk with some good friends one night, and woke up more miserable than ever. Then had the best day of laying around and watching movies and napping the next day;Enjoyed watching the 2016 Rio Olympics; I got caught in a lie that I never felt worse about; I also got in an accident and crashed my dad’s 2014 Mitsubishi…. Fun; I bought my very own 2001 Chevy Silverado. Am I rolling around town showing it off? No, not really. But I’m proud to have something that is mine. Solely mine, that I worked hard for and paid for myself. After all, it is just a stepping stone to something better and I am definitely okay with that; I also had a small trip up North to cooler weather. One of the best days I’ve had in a very long time, if I’m being honest. Completely relaxed, fun and good music is something I’ll never take for granted again. If I’ve learned anything the last couple months, it’s how much happiness some(one)thing can bring you in doing the simple things in life. How much you are willing to do to keep that happiness as long as you can, because damnit I’m not getting any younger and I honestly don’t care what people think anymore; I also went tubing for the last time of the summer with a great group of people and the funniest co worker I’ve ever had. Who, did I mention, can’t swim and hates water of any kind on her face? Such good times.

So there you have it. I’ve been through heartache, I’ve rekindled friendships and started new relationships, I’ve grown, I’ve started back where I began, and I’ve made plenty of mistakes this summer. But the summer of 2016 will go down in history for me, because It’s the start of the new me. The me I’ve always wanted to be, and the me I hope to continue to be. The start of some relationships that I hope last a very long time. Thank you to my family, friends, and…. you. Yeah, you know who are you. Without you guys, who knows where I’d be right now.



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